Content Company founder Hilary Marsh speaks at many events throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

DX Summit, Chicago, November 14-16
“Building Your Content Ecosystem”

ASAE Tech Conference, Washington, DC, December 12-14
Deep-dive session: “Developing Your Content Ecosystem: People + Content + Tech = Success”

Technology Initiative Grants conference for legal aid organizations, San Antonio, January 11-12
“If Content is King, Why Is Governance Needed?”

American Association of Diabetes Educators 2017 State Coordinating Body Training, Chicago, January 13
“Writing for MyAADE Network”

ConveyUX, Seattle, February 28-March 2
Workshop: “Content Audits: Looking Back to Look Forward”


Recent Events

CS Forum, Melbourne, Australia October 5-7
Headline presentation: “Content as Connection

J Boye conference, Philadelphia May 3-5
Measuring Your Return on Content” workshop
Building Your Content Ecosystem” presentation

IA Summit, Atlanta May 5-8
Content Types: The Glue Between Content Strategy, User Experience, and Design

Content Strategy DC Meetup, May 26

ASAE Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference, Washington, DC June 13-14
Create a Smart, Sustainable Content Strategy


Webinar for the Association of Information Science and Technology
“Content Types: The Glue Between Content Strategy, User Experience, and Design”