Content Company founder Hilary Marsh speaks at many events throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

UXDC Conference, Washington, DC, April 14-15
Workshop: “Content Audits: Looking Back to Look Forward”

DigitalNow Conference, Orlando, May 9-11
“Measuring — and Increasing — Your Association’s Return on Content”

Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting, Arlington, June 26-28
“Consolidating Email Communication Overload for Greater Engagement and Results”

CEC/CASE Leadership Institute, Arlington, July 7-9

AICPA & CPA/SEA Interchange Conference for CPA Association Staff Leaders, Miami, July 11-14

ASAE Annual Conference, Toronto, August 12-15
“How to create and implement an organization-wide content strategy”

J. Boye Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, November 7-9

Recent Events

GatherContent webinar, March 2017
“Maximizing Your Return on Content”

ConveyUX, Seattle, February 2017
Workshop: “Content Audits: Looking Back to Look Forward

American Association of Diabetes Educators Training, Chicago, January 2017
“Writing for MyAADE Network”

Technology Initiative Grants conference for legal aid organizations, San Antonio, January 2017
If Content is King, Why Is Governance Needed?

ASAE Tech Conference, Washington, DC, December 2016
Deep-dive session: “Developing Your Content Ecosystem: People + Content + Tech = Success

DX Summit, Chicago, November 2016
“Building Your Content Ecosystem”

CS Forum, Melbourne, Australia, October 2016
Headline presentation: “Content as Connection

J Boye conference, Philadelphia, May 2016
Measuring Your Return on Content” workshop
Building Your Content Ecosystem” presentation

IA Summit, Atlanta, May 2016
Content Types: The Glue Between Content Strategy, User Experience, and Design

Content Strategy DC Meetup, May 2016

ASAE Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference, Washington, DC June 2016
Create a Smart, Sustainable Content Strategy

Webinar for the Association of Information Science and Technology
“Content Types: The Glue Between Content Strategy, User Experience, and Design”